STUDIO 6.11.11 (cont.)

These are the first two flag/wood pile paintings that kicked off this series of isolation/independence.  I am making one every other day or so and use them as immediate opportunities to create, think visually, have fun and not be precious.

The wall piece is a 10 foot square mixed media project I am launching exploring the same ideas.  This is the base sketch I am working out and the first paper piece I have done in years.  It is composed of the few sheets of BFK I brought with me and found paper at the residency.  I am very excited to experiment on this scale, see how using my whole body to make will affect the outcome and creating a piece mostly from found materials (as my paints are no more...).  I see this as an opportunity to really get dirty and keep it honest and fun.  I will keep posting the evolution of this piece as it unfolds... yay!

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