M E R R Y- G O- R O U N D

Here are some shots for my first installation of this series.  Arteles is located in an old Finnish school (please see their website for some amazing performance videos from the 70s!) and as I walked around yesterday morning, I found myself drawn to the Merry-Go-Round/forgotten playground.  Maybe it is child hood nostalgia? Maybe just the simple playfulness of the form?  Anyway, these sculptures are an extension of the drawings and explore the relationships of people to land and each other here.  The wood piles become many different symbols depending on location and offer me an honest material that can be transformed daily.  This installation is more of a playful one and turns the wood pile into something absurd, childlike and dislocated.  Almost reclaiming the playground for itself.  There are many more incarnations to be so check back!
The process:
At first I ran into some interesting problems with peaking in the center and the wood wanting to slide off.  Building up the outside to always be pointing down and in seems to be the trick but definitely time consuming. I am learning that many of these projects I am working with really make me read the wood more closely than expected... or none of the tasks are as simple as they seem on the surface.  I am still building this one up but was unfortunately rained out today.  I will keep you posted with progress.

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  1. hey Trevor! looks like a beautiful place. and looks like you've got off to a flying start - i'm liking what you're doing over there. will keep checking back.