CARE Art tour and some fellow residents

Saturday 6.18.11 we participated in a great event of artist lectures, performances, interviews and screenings through the CARE (Contemporary Artists Residency and Exchange) program.  The day started off with an introduction to the art scene of Tampere, Kunsthalle, Backlight, CARE, Arts Council of Pirkanmaa and Katie (kathrynzazenski.com) and I speaking about our work.  There was a good show of Tommi Musturi (www.tarrynandpilar.com) a local Finnish comic artist who is quite good and has a wry sense of humor.
We left Finlayson for Akaa and the Nakyma 2011 presentation.  There were many artists interviewed in Finnish (quite interesting) for there participation in this exhibition titled "Raw Art" as well as our fellow resident artist from Australia Pilar Mata Dupont(www.tarrynandpilar.com).  Her video work is snarky and great!   Following this there was quite a long performance piece involving ash, singing, drawing and and Ahab....What?  Interesting but a bit long with no climax.
We finished the day at Voipaala Art center, a nice art space with many historic barns, buildings for residency, exhibition and teaching.  The space was beautiful and location serene.  There was some good work from Turku there ranging from cast wasa crackers on a grand scale to painting on glass.
This was a great space for presentations by the rest of the Arteles crew; Paolo Ricci (Italy), Travis Janssen (www.travisjanssen.com) (USA), Helene Baril (www.helenebaril.net(France) and our resident writer Gaylord Brewer (gaylordbrewer.com)(USA).  Please visit all of their sites!  They are all great artists who explore making, thinking and creating in very different ways and have been quite inspiring this past month at Arteles!  Lastly, Edwin Petrus (edwinpetrus.com)(Netherlands) shared his work and practice with us which was exciting!  He is a painter using digital weaving to articulate his experiences and memories.  He said "I did not feel like much of a painter and felt like I was just painting by number..." which is very similar to feelings I have had this past year.  Crazy!  Yesterday he gave us a tour of his apartment over looking the square (the first photo is from there) and of his exhibition in Tampere. His place is insane (you can't miss "EDFIN" taped in the window from the square) and his approach to materials and installation is fresh and great to see.
Thank you everyone for an amazing trip Saturday, sharing your work, inspiring me and doing what you all need to do!

Edwin and his Dutch cheese:

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