This is a new series I am developing in reaction to my previous wood sculptures and new research on architecture, construction practices and rituals as well as architectural history in the US. I sourced the title, Honor Bilt #01 from the 1936 Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog because of the role the company played in introducing balloon frame construction to the US. They changed not only what western growth/expansion meant but also how we relate to space and move through it.

I am focusing on the core components of a structure (roof, walls, foundation) and the elements that affect their form (frost line, environment, location) to begin creating sculptures that continue to explore shape and object or space and place relationships. I am interested in using materials that reference home, construction, and utility to articulate sculptures and site-specific installations without being tricky, keeping the work honest. I want to expose the materials I use and employ the pre-existing associations that are inherent in them to create a context for each piece.

With the Honor Bilt series, I am excited to explore mold making, casting, assembling, deconstructing, video, and projection as well as dive into more research. I welcome any book recommendations!


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  1. Hi Trevor,
    I forgot to mention this during our chat, but have you read David Harvey's "From Space to Place and Back Again"? If not, you should check it out.