Dislocating purpose, place and the expected. 
Here are images from yesterdays installations in Tampere, Finland where I use firewood as a material to embody my experiences and understanding of finland but dislocate it from its purpose, source and expected experience.

In June I really focused on the insanity of the woodpiles here and use them a medium to reflect upon the social system in the country side where there are great expanses (Finland being the most sparsely populated country in the EU) and it is common to pass strangers on a dirt road and for them to not smile or notice you.   In response to this, I created drawings, paintings and sculpture where play, humor absurdity are important elements.

This month I am continuing with this idea but in an effort to push this further, bring my material into an urban environment to create more immediate installations that engage the public.  I chose highly trafficked locations that offer playful negative space for me to work with.  Reflecting on yesterday, I am thinking about how the firewood is a tool for survival and how this could play a more significant role in the installation (neighborhood selection, location).  Currently, I am borrowing the wood and cannot leave it on location but hopefully as I develop this I will have the opportunity to create more significant installations in neighborhoods where the wood becomes a resource again.  I am interested in the element of time and how the piece would evolve/deconstruct depending upon where (affluent vs. poor neighborhoods) and when (winter vs. summer) I create the work.

This is an ongoing project that will hopefully take many forms and locations so any feedback or questions are welcome as I would love to hear from you and know your thoughts.

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